Bucida Variegated (Pokok Doa)

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A fast-growing tree that reaches between 10-20 m in height and spread to about 10-15 m wide.
Its crown is layered in symmetrical tiers.
The simple, unifoliate and variegated leaves are whorled along the stem.
Leaves are small, measuring 2-5 cm long and 1 cm wide.
It is mottled grey-green with irregular creamy-white border, young leaves pinkish-red, margins uneven to crenate, produced in whorls at branch tips.
The twigs grow densely in storeys on whorls around the woody trunk.
Its bark is smooth, mottled pale grey, with protruding brownish streaks or spots.
Its deep anchoring roots make it able to endure high winds with little damage. Big matured tree fetch a really good price(>rm1k) in the market .

It is excellent for parks and along roadsides and streets.
Grow this ornamental tree for its majestic and architectural look. Ideal as a specimen tree. The aesthetic beauty of the large, dense and horizontal spread of it canopy makes it an excellent shade providing tree. Suitable to for container planting. Since its dry wood is termite-resistant, extremely hard and durable, it will be excellent in construction of house posts, fence, scaffolding and bridge timbers. The bark may be used for tanning leather. A popular tree that can be trained as a bonsai specimen. 


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