Shipping Policy (Terms & Conditions)

  1. Your order is received by our system.
        a. You will be assigned an order number at the order's completion.
            i. If you are paying by any other method other than a credit card/paypal/online banking we must receive full payment before the order will be set to be shipped.
        b. An automatic email will be sent to you immediately upon the order's completion.
            i. If you do not receive it please check your SPAM Folder
  2. Additionally we will send you a confirmation email .
        a. Please check your order information carefully for accuracy.  We cannot be responsible for orders that go undelivered due to incorrect address information. 
  3. We do not do rush shipments as our plants packaging must be handled properly before they can be shipped to you.
  4. Paid orders will be shipped out after 1-2 weeks via Poslaju or other Couriers. 
  5. We will send you an email confirming that your order has been shipped to you(in case we dont, please contact us).
        a. If you do not receive your plants in a timely fashion (3 days is generally the maximum) after receiving this email please feel free to contact us. We track each order with a delivery confirmation slip and may be able to correct some issues.
  • We ship live, quality, well rooted plants that are individually selected by experienced growers.
  • Each plant is hand wrapped and packaged using the utmost care. 
  • Our packaging system is designed to ensure that each plant reaches you as though it was just pulled from our nursery.


We  guarantee 100 percent survival of the plants upon receive except :

1) East malaysia addresses. 

2) Delivery guy attempted to deliver to your doorstep but failed.

3) Other conditions which is caused by buyer's error

4) Pre-order products (we will give replacement in certain conditions)

Exposure to inappropriate extremes in temperature, light, wind, salts, chemicals, or other conditions that are detrimental to the general health and well being of the plant(s) once you have received it(them). We feel that it is as much the customer's responsibility to provide the appropriate care for the plants that they have purchased as it is our responsibility to provide quality products and prompt and convenient service. If the plants that you are purchasing are cold/hot sensitive, we feel that it is the customer's responsibility to take this into consideration when placing the order. We normally try to ship orders as promptly as possible, once an order has been placed and approved. So long as you place your order we will ship it out the next day or the same day under typical circumstances and foregoing postal holidays or other unforeseen circumstances. If at anytime prior to the package being shipped you decide for us to hold your order for a later ship date due to unexpected conditions please feel free to contact us.

Plants that have remained in their packages beyond a reasonable amount of time after having been delivered to the address that the customer has specified (P.O. boxes excluded) when placing the order. Once the package has been transferred from NurseryKBJTS to courier agents it CANNOT be reliably redirected, if at all. Living and growing plants become PERISHABLE ITEM once they enter their packages and can only reasonably be expected to tolerate the varied temperature conditions and darkness that they may experience on their journey for a limited amount of time so buyer have to open the box and remove the plants from the box immediately upon receiving it. Usually Within 24 hours of an order having been shipped NurseryKBJTS will notify you of its shipment via the email address that you supplied when the order was originally placed. If you feel that your package may need special instructions provided to the courier company please let us know and we will be happy to include them on the outside of your package.


Do you ship overseas?

Yes we do but please check with your country’s import regulations as we do not hold responsibility if the parcel is held by the customs in your country. Please contact us at for more info about shipping charges.