Philodendron Billietae

Philodendron Billietae

Philodendron Billietiae

This exotic plant has enormous, heart-shaped leaves with big orange stem colour. Native to Guyana, Brazil, and French Guiana. It is a wild plant that can be a houseplant with single leaf can spread up to 3 ft long!

Growth & Size

Unlike in the wild, where it can grow extremely tall and have leaves as long as a yardstick, the Philodendron billietiae usually reaches a maximum height of around three feet and a maximum width of eight inches in a pot at home.


The reason for this plant’s enormous leaves in the wild is simple: the larger the leaf, the more sunlight it can take in.

Just like its wild relatives, the potted version of Philodendron billietiae needs lots of light as well.  This light should be bright but indirect or it will scorch the leaves.


This plant prefers warmer temperatures.

Between 20 and 30 degrees Celcius is recommended during the day, and between 10 and 15 at night. Never let it go below 15, as this plant cannot tolerate the cold!


As you might have guessed, tropical plants love high humidity. Spritz your plant often to keep humidity levels up, or prepare a tray with a layer of pebbles and water. Set the plant on top of the tray and let the water evaporate from within the pebbles to add moisture around your Philodendron billietiae.


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