Cultivate Caladium sp.

Cultivate Caladium sp.

Caladiums (Caladium Vent.) are members of the aroid family, widely grown as potted or bedding plants. Synonym for being called as 'Keladi', this plant has been started commercialised in 2019 as a decorative plant for home gardens, landscape, and even for indoors. 

Historically, people has been cultivate this plant over 150 years until today (worldwide). However, records from Z. Deng in 2007 in his article of 'Assessment of Genetic Diversity and Relationships Among Caladium Cultivars and Species Using Molecular Markers' showed that the numbers of cultivars has been declining. 

Today, we encourage our people especially in Malaysia to involve in cultivating this plant in order to preserve and secure the diversity of Caladium sp.

Our nursery cultivate varieties type of Caladium in great and premium condition, for example, Caladium Cat Tumpah, Caladium Miss Muffet, Caladium Frog Blander, etc. See our product and do involve to be one of the cultivator of Caladium in Malaysia!   

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Author : Haziq Zainal

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